Kerala-based Organisation to launch India’s first Heritage .

Olympiad The Olympiad has been conceived with an aim to integrate heritage education in schools and make it more accessible to a younger audience Telangana govt plans budget hotels in all districts, eyes more tourists Cultre, an online heritage and culture start-up launched two years ago.

Chances are most of us won’t know the answers to all of the above. To encourage school children and heritage enthusiasts of all age groups to seek answers to millions of such questions about India’s culture and heritage, the Heritage Olympiad is being launched this week. Touted as India’s first online Olympiad on arts, crafts, culture and heritage, it will go live on April 18 to mark World Heritage Day.

“Our vision is to strengthen heritage education and sensitise young minds to India’s rich and multi-faceted cultural heritage,” says Anjchita Nair, Co-founder & COO, Culture, an online heritage and culture start-up launched two years ago with their head office in the Capital.

Nair, who co-founded Culture, along with Vaibhav Chauhan, adds, “The initiative aims to strengthen heritage education and provide a comprehensive test of all things related to Indian heritage.” Focussing on its three main aspects – tangible, intangible and natural heritage.

As of now, more than 2,000 people have registered, says Nair. For the inaugural edition of what is aimed to be a quarterly event, Culture, has joined hands with organisations like Sahapedia, Nehru Planetarium, National Railway Museum and India Heritage Walks as Knowledge Partners.

“We will also collaborate with cultural institutions, curators, web encyclopedias, artists and teachers in order to create relevant content for their users/audiences,” says Nair. The curriculum for the quiz has been designed in a way that is broadly aligned with the syllabus followed by major national and international boards, informs the team at Culture, .

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