IIL is ready to roll out Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin drug substance by July-August

Indian Immunological Limited (IIL) is a name that may have been heard by some outside the vaccine industry. But the vaccine manufacturer hopes to play an important role in Bharat Biotech’s ambitious plan, which will increase production of covaxin to 700 million doses annually.

IIL executive officers are overdue to revive the newly built manufacturing facility at Karkapatla on the outskirts of Hyderabad to produce Kovaxin’s narcotics.
The facility was meant to produce rabies vaccine and other human biologicals. IIL is the largest producer of rabies vaccine in the country.

In an exclusive conversation , IIL Managing Director Kumar said that by July-August, IIL would be extracting the Kovaxin drug substance from its factory. Bharat Biotech will work as fill and finish in its factory.
Kumar did not specify the amount of narcotics to be made by ILI, but said it would be enough to make “a few million” doses every month.

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Kumar says the virus has been handed over to him.

Kumar said, “We need to understand this process, do some tests at a small level to make sure that raw materials are planned when it is cured.
Kumar said, “We will be the fastest to deliver narcotics to Bharat Biotech.”

Bharat Biotech has yet to answer the questions shared by Moneycontrol on the potential vaccine capabilities that will be added through IIL and the partnership’s naughty-gritty.

To ensure that it is not just IIL, Bharat Biotech is also working with Maharashtra-owned Hafkin Bio – Corporation (Haffkine Institute) and the public sector The undertaking of India Immunological and Biological is located in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. The Hafkin Institute and India manufacture both immunological and biological **** polio vaccines.

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Whatever sets IIL apart from Hafkin and Bharat Immunological and Biological is that it does not have a new prevention facility. The prevention of BSL-3 in the manufacture of the drug covaxin will need to be facilitated as it is associated with a higher risk of virus avoidance to deal with the SARS-Cove-2 virus.

The construction of the BSL-3 construction facility will take about six months. Hafkaine indicated that the first batch of Kovacsin would be manufactured only in early 2022.

Kumar said, “Bharat Biotech facility is only 7-8 km from IIL. It is convenient for the people of Bharat Biotech to help us in tech transfers and train our employees quickly.”

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