From pineapple on pizza to popcorn with ketchup,

From pineapple on pizza to popcorn with ketchup, here’s what Kareena Kapoor feels about these food combinations Kareena Kapoor Khan, who gave birth to her second child in March this year, talks about all things food in this video; watch Kareena Kapoor Khan is known to be a big-time foodie, glimpses of which she often also shares on social media.

The 40-year-old has always maintained how she makes it a point to eat healthy and clean, but also does not stay away from indulgences once in a while. In an interesting Q&A — Shots with Celebs — as part of the show Star vs Food, the Veere Di Wedding actor spoke about all things food including having leftover pizzas, eating from someone else’s plate, and so much more.

In between the answers, the mother of two could be seen taking orange juice shots. Eaten from someone else’s plate when they weren’t looking? “Yeah! Of course!” Cream biscuit with water? “No!” Ate leftover pizza from last night? “Yes!” Licked finger after eating tasty food? “Yes!” Silently burped in a party?

“Am sure” ALSO READ |Kareena Kapoor Khan’s bindi look has left us impressed Pineapple on pizza? “No, I don’t like that” Mango syrup with rice? “Sounds interesting” Popcorn with ketchup? “Yuck!” Overate your favourite dish? “I think I was sleeping during my pregnancy. I was only overeating.” Noodles with mayo? “No. Sounding gross”

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