Fitness goals: Are you working out or are you overworked?

Fitness goals: Are you working out or are you overworked?

The toughest thing is to find right balance between training and over-training When it comes to exercising, one needs to understand that there is a certain balanced approach that needs to be taken.

Sometimes, people do not understand what balance means, and how it can be applied to fitness, in order to achieve desired results. Sohrab Khushrushahi, the

the of people say: ‘I’m not dying after today’s workout, did I do it right?’ It’s become a norm these days, if you’re not breathless after every workout, the workout wasn’t good enough.

But, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Working out is about enjoying yourself and what your body can do, it isn’t about beating yourself every single time. Yes, it’s great to feel adrenaline rush, but not at the cost of yo ur health

“One session will not make or break your body.

Consistent work over a long period of time is what will give you the results you desire. Also, you can only be consistent if you’re being good to your body,” he said.

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