Do you know these three things about Lebanese food?

“With vegetables and whole grains made for the most part, the context of cuisine works to treat healthy and tasty dishes with simple and fresh ingredients,” said Kirti Jham, Chef, K’z Mezze

Lebanese food, what Lebanese food, hummus food, Lebanese food, Lebanese vegetarian food, Lebanese food health benefits, Lebanese food health, Lebanese food facts Lebanese food offers many meat eaters options.Lebanese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

In that note, he shared three things that most people do not know about the Lebanese food.
Hummus is called ‘life’ in the Arabic languageThe locals eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! ”Jham told

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Marked with new and simple ingredients that mainly include vegetables, cereals, and spices, cuisine is suitable for vegetables only.

That description of the diversity of each Lebanese dish comes from its use of spices and sauces. The distinguishing feature of these foods is the combination of traditional spices and herbs that end up lending a unique flavor to the dishes. Here, the main focus is on taste and not on heat. The rich flavors they add to the delicacies make them unique and experimenting.

Today, it is one of the most popular and hot foods in the world with a popular dish like hummus! No wonder it’s the crux of this cuisine. Another reason why we are a fan is that cooking sounds like art in itself rather than a variety of uses and delicious food promised, ”he said.

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