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Digital art is coming home, shoppers at a New York gallery.

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Digital artist Beeple made headlines when his art video Daily: The first 5000 days sold over $ 69 million to Christie’s. The video was an example of a digital asset called an unmarked token, available online and exploded in popularity recently.

The director and founder of the Superchief Gallery Gallery, Ed Zipco is seen in his gallery at Union Square in Manhattan, New York.Digital art, whose prices can now be compared to those of Old Master’s paintings, is displayed in a new body gallery in New York aimed at showing how such pieces can fit into a home or office.

Digital singer Beeple made headlines in March when his art video, Everyday: The First 5000 Days, sold more than $ 69 million to Christie’s. The video was an example of a digital asset called Uncompressed Token, which is only available online and has recently exploded.

Artworks are featured in the Superchief Gallery NFT.Ed Zipco, founder of the Superchief Gallery NFT, which he calls “the first visible area of ​​the NFT gallery in the world,” said it could fulfill the artist’s “good intentions” to showcase a digital wall with a high wall.

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