Delhi government invites bids for liquor license licences in 12 locations

Following a successful over $ 5,300 million liquor auction in the city, the Delhi government foreign ministry has scrapped new tenders for 12 areas that failed to attract bidder in a bid earlier this month.

On August 13, the department invited new bids for licensing 12 local liquor licenses for Indian and foreign liquor (excluding national liquor) in Delhi in 2021-22.
Under the new Delhi state property policy, the national capital is divided into 32 sections. The first bidding by liquor retailers in 20 locations by the Department of Commerce in the first week of August earned $ 5,300, officials said.

However, the auction of 12 sites was canceled due to a lack of sufficient applicants.

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Tenders for 32 sites were submitted by the Department of Property in June this year.
According to the tender documents, each bidder will be required to pay a non-refundable participation fee of Rs 10 lakhs per venue. Each applicant can only apply for two restrictions.

The direct cash deposit for each area will be Rs 30 crore refundable.

The Department of Goods estimates that it earns about $ 8,800 crores through a licensed auction for 849 liquor dealers in the city, rather than officials.

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