‘Cardio really helped me manage PCOS, keep me lean’ ’: Sonam Kapoor.

As part of the Instagram Live session, the Neerja actor also revealed how eating a low-carb diet helped her
sonam kapoorSonam Kapoor on PCOS and more.

Over time, many celebrities have voiced their frustration over health problems. One of them is Sonam Kapoor, who once shared that she had been diagnosed with PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome since she was a teenager and talked about the many changes she made and how she did not let the condition affect her mental health.

The Neerja actor also revealed that, two years ago, his diet was chosen by Kimble to include a lot of “fun smoothies”, and he’s a great combination to have it all without finishing a food party.

“The big problem is that women often think they have been diagnosed with a condition but PCOS is something you can live with by making a few lifestyle changes,” said 37-year-old Kimble, who also suffers from PCOS.

“Many people think that PCOS is something that only obese women suffer from. Not at all. Even thin women tend to have PCOS. A low carbohydrate and a high protein diet can help. A high carb diet affects insulin sensitivity. Take carbs with a low glycemic index.
Like an imbalance in the body of hormones, the ovaries produce high levels of androgen that interfere with the growth and release of eggs.

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