Cancer has taken his life and my son has little hope of life.

helping us to preserve his precious life and overcome cancer.

“Every time I look at Fazil, my heart sank. I am completely exhausted to help my baby boy smile. ”My husband, Kasimasab, cried.

Only your prayers and offerings can help save three-year-old France, please donate now.My family comes from a small part of Karnataka, India. My husband was an electrician, and I was busy caring for our son Fazil. Our family was a quiet family, and despite our financial problems, we were very happy with our way of life.
Everything changed in the last one year. The COVID-19 epidemic has taken over my husband’s job and something very bad happened to our baby.

Fazil was always very sick in all the changing times but for the most part, it was always gentle.

In December, however, he pulled out all of his hair and began bleeding profusely. After failing to get Fazil treated in our city, we moved to the nearby city, Bangalore for treatment in France in a better facility.
However, no one could prepare me for the next discussion.

“Mrs Fathima, your son Fazil has been diagnosed with Leukemia. It is a type of blood cancer that eats away at his immune system and makes him more susceptible to infections. It is treatable but we will have to put Fazil on multiple rounds of Chemotherapy. ”

My heart ached for my baby. To find out the kind of pain he had been feeling all this time, and how we had been so careless about delaying his treatment. I could cry for weeks, but I had no comfort to break and let my emotions run wild at that moment.

Fazil is very upset about this ongoing situation but I didn’t know that I should have the strength to oppose him, even though it was just an act. All we have focused on now is how we will help France get better.
The hospital quoted the Rs 14 Lakhs ($ 18751.01) bill for all medical procedures involved.

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