Another MMS Video Anjali Arora Viral: Fans Are Uncontrol After Watch The Video: Watch Now

After MMS leak, another video of Anjali Arora Viral… | Anjali Arora New MMS Viral| New MMS Viral: A new video of social media influencer Anjali Arora, who became famous with the song Kachha Badam, has surfaced.

Seeing this, users are making dirty demands from them by making dirty comments. After this video surfaced, Anjali has once again come under the target of the people. After this, Anjali Arora came into limelight for an MMS going viral.

Although Anjali has denied that it is herself in the video, many people believe that she is Anjali Arora. Anjali was trolled a lot after the MMS was leaked. After this, recently a new video of Anjali Arora has surfaced.

Anjali Arora New MMS Viral Video

Seeing this video, people are making ‘dirty’ comments. Actually, in this video of Anjali, which surfaced a few hours ago, she is wearing a red colored deep cleavage short dress. In this video, she is seen hitting the style with her mobile in the bedroom.

Actually, she is seen trying to promote her new song. However, people have once again targeted Anjali for showing off with her mobile phone. People are commenting fiercely on his videos and once again demanding new MMS from him.

Download Anjali Arora New MMS Video

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Please tell that this video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are commenting on this in many ways. One enjoyed seeing Anjali Arora flaunting her killer moves in a short and bold dress in the bedroom. While commenting, one wrote – This is the same bedroom with MMM. One said – Now the video quality will be good with the new phone. One said – I am not liking anything since I have seen your video.

One wrote while demanding – When will the MMS video be uploaded, the new one. One said – Shame on you. One tauntingly asked – that video quality was not good, earlier there was no iPhone, was it? At the same time, some also praised Anjali Arora.

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