Amazon is increasing the minimum wage in Germany is 12 € per hour

Amazon guarantee is a starting salary of their German layer of € 12 ($15) for one hour, the company said on Friday, ahead of a long time leader in the fight against the european union.

Germany is Amazon’s largest market, after the united states and of the union to be Given, since 2013, has been organizing a strike on the issue in the country, as a protest against low wages and poor working conditions.
The increases, which take effect from July, compare, and entry-level wages and salaries is the only 11.30 per hour in some places, but in other places, it is 12 euros per hour.

Amazon pay is already at the current minimum wage in Germany is of 9,50 € per person per hour. The employee is regularly went on strike, as they did last year, to coincide with the company’s $ 1.6 trillion of the Premier Day of the global event. They were not satisfied to the coronavirus, the premier has been removed.

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A spokesperson for the Valley of death I said it, this is at least what the company can do that and win a decent amount over the last few months,” and that the wages of many workers still do not meet the requirements.

Amazon, to its first-quarter net profit of $ 8.1 billion, more than three-fold increase from the $ 2.5 billion per year, is facing similar criticism of the terms and conditions, and pay-around the world in the past.

An Amazon representative of Germany said that all employees will receive a raise, and Amazon, said in a statement that a further increase is expected.

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