All you need to know is a safe pregnancy is not the time to start a strong regime or to gain or lose weight.

Healthy Pregnancy, Safe Pregnancy Tips, Healthy Tips for Pregnant Women, Pregnancy Symptoms, Pregnancy Tests, Exercise during Pregnancy, Oriental Eating During Pregnancy, Food to Avoid during Pregnancy Healthy Pregnancy!Carrying a baby in the womb is a wonderful thing for a woman. But it is equally important to take care of yourself and your baby so that you can have a safe and healthy pregnancy.A regular 20-30 minute walk without fatigue will help

“Before National Safe Mother’s Day on April 11, it is important that we talk about some tips to ensure that both mother and baby have a smooth experience,” said Dr Sonica Chugh, a gynecologist and infertility consultant with Prakto.

Food during pregnancy:
Nutritious food during pregnancy ensures that your baby starts well. Low, normal and healthy foods containing folate, iron, calcium, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids should be taken. A lot of water between meals is good for you and your baby.

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