7th Pay Commission: After the restoration of DA!

7th Pay Commission- Around 52 lakh central government employees and around 60 lakh retirees are likely to get DA and DR again from July 1, 2021. It can be increased according to the recommendations of the 7th Compensation Committee. Let us tell you how you can calculate your raise.
About 52 lakh central government employees and around 60 lakh retirees look forward to July 1, 2021. Dearness Allowance (DA) and Dearness Relief (DR) are expected to be available from July 1. The 7th Pay Pay Commission has recommended an increase in this amount. and a meeting will be held on June 26 on this matter.(7th Pay Commission)

How to calculate DA
According to Shiv Gopal Mishra, secretary (personnel side), JCM National Council, central government employees should take care of their respective 7th CPC salary matrix while using the 7th CPC salary calculator.

Mishra said a central government employee should check his monthly base salary to find out by how much the monthly salary will increase after the DA is restored. After that, your existing DA should be verified. Right now it’s 17 percent. With the restoration, DA will increase to 28%. In such a situation, the monthly DA will increase by 11%. As a result, the DA allowance for a central government employee will increase to 11% of their base salary from July 2021.

How much DA will increase, understand
that for the calculation of the salary under the 7th Compensation Commission, assume that the base salary of a central government employee is Rs 20,000 per month, then his monthly DA will increase by 28% from 20,000 This means that the increase in the monthly DA will be 11% from 20,000, or 2,200 Rs. Likewise, other central government employees who have a different monthly base salary in the 7th CPC salary matrix can check from how much their salary will increase after the restoration of the DA.

What an unlikely increase in BP
The increase in DA results in an increase in TA in some situations, will there be an increase in TA for central government employees from July 1. To this, Gopal Mishra said, “With the increase in TA, the increase in TA is expected to be greater than the current TA of 25% for central government employees. government employees. ”Won’t do. 7th Pay Commission

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