Xiaomi works on rival Galaxy Z Flip with a clamshell design

Xiaomi unveiled its first roll-out smartphone earlier this year. The Mi Mix Fold was a special Chinese phone and smartphone maker is believed to be working on such devices – some of which hopefully will be able to reach other markets, including India.

The Mi Mix Fold 2 has already begun to emerge from the leak, and may be launched sometime next year. However, Xiaomi is nowhere to be found.

The Chinese smartphone maker is working with a rival Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with a clamshell design. This could be the company’s second collapsible smartphone. The company owns the patent on the device at CNIPA (Chinese National Intellectual Property Association) with a similar design to the Samsung phone.

Samsung-approved device has two cameras and a small horizontal display on the cover. It has flip form factor like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola’s new Moto Razr.

Xiaomi’s flip phone has some similarities with Samsung’s device as well. It may have a pill-shaped piercing hole inside two front-facing cameras. At the bottom sits a SIM slot, a USB-C, and a speaker grill, while the power key and volume rocker are on the right. The full size of the phone still appears quite dense.

Needless to say, the mobile phone segment needs more competition to make devices more accessible to customers. Samsung bought this year’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 violently in India but, it still costs more than Android smartphones like the OnePlus 9 Pro and Vivo X60 Pro +.

Xiaomi is known as a distraction and hopefully will continue to make democracy flip phones. However, it will be interesting to see when he introduced the first one though. And, either way, whether Xiaomi brings the phone to India or not.

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