World Youth Skills Day – Look what PM said……

World Youth Skills Day- New Delhi: Addressing the nation on World Youth Skills Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke of giving new impetus to the Skill India mission. He said: “Developing the skills of the new generation of young people is a national need. Autonomous India has a huge base. By fully strengthening the foundation that has been created over the past 6 years, the new institutions that have been built, we must renew the Skill India mission. I have to speed up.

On World Youth Skills Day Prime Minister Modi said: “Our ancestors valued skills and made them part of the cheerfulness of society. We worship weapons on Vijayadashami, farmers worship agricultural machinery on Akshaya Tritiya. Worship of Lord Vishwakarma. It has been a great festival for people associated with each profession. Today, it’s important that learning doesn’t end with your income. Today there is so much demand for skills in the world that only those who are qualified will advance.

Prime Minister Modi added: “If education gives us information about what to do, then competence teaches us how that work will be done in real form. Skill India’s mission is to match this truth step by step with this need. There is a program. This thing applies to individuals and also applies to the country. Babasaheb Ambedkar had given a lot on youth skills, the weakest section. Today, thanks to Skill India, the nation must realize this visionary dream of Babasaheb. Try hard. “

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