World Economic Forum Davos 2022 PM Modi Speech

World Economic Forum Davos 2022 PM Modi Speech LIVE: On the first day of the five-day Davos Agenda Summit, to be held online at the World Economic Forum (WEF), Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his speech on the topic ‘The state of the world’.

The ‘Davos Agenda’ summit is organized digitally for the second consecutive year. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi said that on behalf of 130 million Indians, I welcome veterans involved in the World Economic Forum.

He said India is moving forward with a hopeful vision in the economic sphere as well as in the fight against Corona. Now India is full of confidence to administer 160 crore doses of corona vaccine in just one year.

Prime Minister Modi said that since the start of COVID, we have been providing free food grains to 80 million people, which is probably the largest food program in the world.

We focused on reforms in the right direction

The Prime Minister said that we are also focusing on reforms in the right direction. Global economic experts have hailed India’s decisions and I am confident that we will achieve the aspirations of the world vis-à-vis India. In just 1 year, India administered around 160 million doses of COVID vaccine.

A democracy like India has given a bouquet of hope to the whole world. This bouquet includes belief in democracy, technology to empower the 21st century and the talent and nature of us Indians.

Our vision ‘One Earth, One Health’

Prime Minister Modi said that during COVID, we have seen how India has realized the One Earth, One Health vision and provided medicines and vaccines to many countries which saved many lives. Today, India has become a pharmacy for the world. Third largest producer. Today, India is sending a record number of software engineers around the world. There are over 50 lakh software developers working in India. India currently has the third highest number of unicorns in the world.

Digital infrastructure our strength

Prime Minister Modi said the digital infrastructure developed and adapted by India over the past few years has become a strength for the nation. The Aarogya Setu app and CoVin portal help track active cases and book vaccination slots. Today, India has the largest, most secure and best performing digital payment platform in the world. In the last month alone, 4.4 billion transactions took place in India through the unified payment interface.

Best time to invest in India

The Prime Minister said today that India promotes ease of doing business, minimizing government interference. India has made it the most competitive country in the world by simplifying, reducing its corporate tax rates. Last year alone, we reduced over 25,000 compliances.

Considering India’s adaptability to new technologies, now is the best time to invest in India. Today, there is a new energy for entrepreneurship among the youth of India. In 2014, there were only a few hundred registered startups. Today, that number has exceeded 60,000.

Startups are growing in India

Entrepreneurship is now reaching a new high among young Indians. In 2014, when there were a few hundred start-ups registered in India, today their number has exceeded 60,000. There are more than 80 unicorns, of which more than 40 were only made in India. 2021. While following the path of self-reliance, India is focusing not only on smoothing processes but also on incentivizing investment and production.

With this approach, today LIP schemes worth $26 billion have been implemented in 14 sectors. As the world focused on interventions like the quantitative easing program during COVID, India was leading the way for reform. We have given an unprecedented boost to digital and physical infrastructure during COVID.

Made in India, Made for the World

Prime Minister Modi said that we are moving forward with the idea of ​​”Make in India, Make for the world”. Apart from telecommunications, insurance, defense and aerospace, India also has immense opportunities in semiconductors. Mission Life should become a worldwide mass movement.

This is the key to global climate change. The challenges we face as a family are also increasing due to changes in the world order. It takes collective and coordinated action by each country to combat them. Examples include supply chain disruptions, inflation and climate change.

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