Windows 365 Test Program Suspended Due to ‘Necessary’ Cloud PC Service

Microsoft has temporarily suspended the free trial of Windows 365 days just after launching the cloud PC service.

Redmond Company has said it should suspend the free trial version of Window’s 365 due to “high demand”.

Windows 365 is designed to deliver the full computer experience to users, with a variety of processing computers, RAM, and storage options.

This service provides a personal computer based on Windows 10 or Windows 11 (where available) with a Web browser. This enables device-agnostic access to Windows PCs over the cloud.

“Following the high demand, we have reached the limit of Window’s 365 trials,” Microsoft informed users of the official Microsoft 365 account on Twitter.

The company redirects users to register on the Windows 365 webpage to receive notification when trials begin.

“We’ve seen an incredible response in Windows 365 and we need to pause our free trial program while we provide more,” Windows’s 365 Program Management Director Scott Manchester tweeted.

Microsoft, however, has not provided details of how many users have been able to sign up for the free trial and whether it will continue to support customers who have registered under its free trial program.

360 gadgets have reached the company seeking clarification on both of these points and will update this space when responding.

Significantly, Windows 365 in its current model is designed primarily for businesses and is not targeted at individuals.

The service, however, appears to have managed to earn a higher interest rate than originally Microsoft expected.

Windows 365 was launched last month as Microsoft’s solution to the growing demand for PCs.

This service can be accessed through a Web browser on any Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android device to provide a complete PC-like experience.

It also allows customers to choose from an available setup that starts with a single processing base, 2GB RAM, and 64GB of storage.

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