Windows 11 Now Official, Brings New Display, Central Start Menu

Windows 11 is now legal. Microsoft’s new Microsoft operating system was launched about six years after the release of Windows 10 in July 2015.

The update, called the “next generation” of Windows, brings with it a major overhaul, starting with a new sound screen and startup menu sound.

The first centered and advanced widgets. Windows 11 also removes elements including the annoying “Hi Cortana” screen and Live Tiles.

The Redmond, Washington-based company actually aims to challenge the popularity of MacOS and Chrome OS with its latest operating system.

Windows 11 features

One of the most notable changes, we’ve already seen in the recently leaked ISO, which Windows 11 brings to current Windows 10 users is a new interface.

It starts with a new setup screen and continues to give a new look and feel to all the essentials of Windows.

There are round corners in menus and windows that look similar to the latest release of iPadOS.

You will also see a first menu in the center that aims to provide a modern experience.

For the first time, probably since the release of Windows NT 4.0, which was back in 1996, when we didn’t see the first menu on the left – now in the middle.

The first menu change brings with it all the default icons such as Edge and File Explorer in the center.

This new feature makes Windows 11 familiar to people who use MacOS or Chrome OS.

However, you can change position and bring the first button to the left by going to its settings.

The first menu is updated and does not include any live Tiles that were part of the menu in Windows 10.

But to personalize the experience, you will see some of the recommended apps below.

There is also a dedicated search button next to the start menu for users to search on apps and activities preloaded on the latest Windows platform.

Windows 11 comes with new sounds and notifications, including a new launch sound. There are subtle changes in body language.

Plus, you’ll get new themes, new wallpapers, and enhanced black mode. Windows 11 includes new widget information. Widgets can be brought forward by swiping from the left side of the screen or can be placed on full screen.

You have been given the options to resize the widgets or to resize – as you wish. You can also add or remove your widgets that can help you get the latest news or weather updates.

For a more advanced multi-tasking experience, the magnification button now allows you to separate functional screens between multiple desktop areas.

Microsoft calls this new program Snap Properties. These settings allow you to simultaneously open multiple screens on your computer by simply moving your mouse over the magnification button.

Once detected, Windows 11 also remembers your selected Snap Layout for multiple windows and stays up to date with the apps you worked on for future access directly from the task bar.

Groups created for Snap Properties that can be used for future access are called Snap Groups.

In addition, Microsoft is enhancing the support of multiple monitors and making it easier for users to work on virtual desktops.

Lastly it looks like how you can add more desktops to Apple’s MacOS. However, you can also use custom wallpapers for each of your desktops in Windows 11 for easy access.

Windows 11 comes with an advanced touch keyboard that incorporates GIFs integration from Tenor.

There are also pre-loaded visual keyboards that can be placed anywhere on the screen.

Users can add additional voice calling support throughout the system.

There are also options such as voice typing and voice commands to limit your typing.

In addition, there are many interface level tweaks to enable an enhanced touch experience.

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