Who will be declared Champion if the WTC Final 2021 ends in a draw or a Tie?

WTC Final 2021, Ind vs NZ: There is a trending question among fans: which team will be declared Ind vs NZ WTC 2021 Final winner if the match ends as a draw or tie.

The fourth day of the World Test Championship final between India and New Zealand on Monday was canceled due to rain. Also on day three the match started late due to a wet outfield and had to be abandoned early due to poor light.

Day one of the Ind vs NZ WTC final was canceled due to rain, while on day two only 64.4 overs could be played. So far only one team has completed their innings and in such a situation this game seems to be heading for a draw.

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The final decision as to whether the reserve day should be used will be announced at the scheduled start of the last hour of the fifth day.

Fans are wondering which team will be declared the winner of the Ind vs NZ WTC final if the match ends in a draw or a tie.

What happens if the WTC India vs New Zealand Finals ends in a draw or a tie?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has already made it clear that if the WTC final ends in a draw or a tie, both teams will be declared co-winners.

If the WTC final is swept away by rain and ends with no results, the Indian and New Zealand teams will be declared co-winners. The winning cash prize will be divided equally between the two teams. 12 lakh dollars (8.78 crore INR) each, will be given to India and New Zealand.

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