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When Sunidhi Chauhan was Told by Music Director to Sing ‘With a Human Voice’

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Sunidhi Chauhan remembers a time when he was still struggling and was told by music directors how bad his singing was and how manly he was. Keep reading.

Singer Sunidhi Chauhan is one of the country’s leading voices and does not need an introduction. People know her, they love her, and they call her music raw.

The singer, such as Kamli, Dhoom Machale, Crazy Kiya Re, Mehboob Mere, Bhaage Re Mann and others, said the director had told him to pack his bags and return home.

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The performing actress also recounted another incident in which she was asked to sing as a woman. “And another music director told me,” This kind of voice won’t work, you have a very strong voice. Sounds like a male voice to the character. Pack your bags. Abhi ek-do saal ki baat hai (It’s just a matter of a year or two), then go home, ”said Sunidhi.

Sunidhi added that both music directors later worked with him as if they had forgotten about the incidents.
While the music industry has come a long way, it is still difficult for a female artist to get a foothold in the industry.

Most of the gaming industry is dominated by male artists and the problem of wage inequality exists

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