WhatsApp may extend the Remove time limit for everyone from one hour to two days

WhatsApp reportedly plans to extend the Delete feature time limit for everyone. The current time limit is one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds, but soon WhatsApp could be extended to two days.

This means that users will now be able to delete their messages within two days of sending the message. The current time limit only allows users to delete a message one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds after sending a message.

As reported by the WhatsApp features tracker of Betainfo, WhatsApp was working to increase the time limit of ‘removing everyone’ to two days and 12 hours from one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds.

Therefore, if WhatsApp releases the feature, users will be able to delete their messages even after two days of sending them. WhatsApp now plans to change the time limit from one hour, 8 minutes, 16 seconds to 7 days and 8 minutes.

Once the feature has been removed, a message will be displayed that says “This has been removed by the administrator, WebInfo“.

Previously, WhatsApp was planning to extend the time limit to one week, but it seems WhatsApp has stopped testing the feature and may not release it.

WhatsApp’s has also been seen testing the message response feature like iMessage too.According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is learning the message response (protected end-to-end encryption) in a new upcoming WhatsApp beta update for Android and iOS.

The WhatsApp’s tipster also shares a screenshot of what the feature will look like once released. The message response feature will allow users to respond to messages with a wide range of emoji available.

Users will simply click on the message to select an emoji and send it. The message response feature is similar to the one in iMessage.

Wabetanifo has previously stated that the message will be echoed in the background so that no one outside the conversation can detect your reaction.

Messages may have an infinite number of responses, but if you have more than 999 responses, you will learn “999+.” This is especially true for group discussions. ”

However, by then the report had said that WhatsApp would release limited emoji at first, but the number would grow over time. The feature will be released for iOS and Android users.

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