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WhatsApp is set to make chat transaction easy from Android to iOS

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WhatsApp ,Switching from one application to another is a task. Users find it difficult to switch phones with different apps as doing so could mean losing their chat history.

However, WhatsApp will now make it easier for users to move from Android to iOS and vice versa. WhatsApp has previously allowed the migration of chat from iPhone to Samsung devices and Pixel phones.

In the latest beta, it was seen checking the import conversation from the Android feature.

According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp beta for iOS holds track of a future feature that can allow iOS users to import chat from an Android device.

Wabetainfo screenshot shows WhatsApp asking users for permission to import chat history from an Android device. The option to move chat from Android devices to iPhones has not yet been recognized.

However, from its point of view, the process will not be as simple as it looks. Users will need USB cables to connect two phones and transfer data between phones.

WhatsApp is set to make chat transaction easy from Android to iOS

This feature is not yet available in beta testers, so WhatsApp may take some time to reach many viewers.

WhatsApp introduced the chat transfer feature from iOS to select Samsung devices in August last year. The chat migration feature was also extended to Google Pixel phones in October.

IPhone users can transfer their conversations from iOS to devices running Android 12. The feature, however, was not present on Android phones.

WhatsApp may now introduce the feature to Android users as well, but the timeline is unknown to users. The feature once released will make it easier for Android users to switch to iOS devices without losing chat history.

In the meantime, if you switch to iPhone from an Android phone, you will definitely lose your chat history.

In addition to the chat migration feature, WhatsApp reportedly works to pause and restart voice messages in the beta version of the desktop app.

WhatsApp already allows beta users to listen to voice messages before sending them to the desktop, but now users will also gain the ability to pause and resume recording.

Using this feature, you can listen to the voice note before sending it, you can delete the voice note or you can resume recording.

The pause and play feature is now available on WhatsApp for iOS. It has not been released on Android beta yet but will be available later.

It is important to note that the features are currently being developed and are not yet ready for a stable release yet.

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