WhatsApp gives all users access to the same profile on up to 4 devices

The Whatsapp app has started offering all users the option to access the same profile up to four different devices, simultaneously and independently.

In the testing phase, the “multi-device” tool was introduced this year, but was only available to certain groups. Details come from the Canaltech technology site.

To stay on top of the news, the user is required to update the app to its latest version, available in the Google Play Store or App Store. After that, in the “connected devices” option, redirect is made available so you can access more resources.

Once registered for the service, users can connect their profile to up to four devices at a time.

In the case of WhatsApp Web, this feature enables us to access the account independently, without having to have a mobile phone connected to the internet.

All synchronization happens instantly. When a user uses a computer account and the phone is switched off, all incoming messages reach the phone as soon as it is turned on and reconnected.

The new ones were released this year, but only by smaller groups of WhatsApp Beta users.

Limitations and safety

While experimenting, the situation is limited. One of them, according to the Canaltech website, it is possible to send text messages or make phone calls only to users of the updated version of the platform on mobile phones.

Application performance and quality also have a “temporary reduction” problem so audios and videos may be affected.

In the desktop version, there may be some problems with tools such as backup. However, if the user is not satisfied with the feature, he can return to the normal model. Just go back to the “connected devices” option and choose to opt out of the Beta version.

WhatsApp has not yet made a statement about making the service available to everyone. However, the platform has already announced that the user will regain security on this new method, as the modified messages will be encrypted.

In addition, the content will be restricted to certain devices and any “blocking attempt” will be identified.

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