Watch: CCTV captures spooky footage of woman stumbling from moving Train in Mumbai

Mumbai: In a spooky incident in Mumbai, a woman who fell from a moving train on Sunday was rescued by passengers at Mumbai’s Vasai Road rail junction, and the incident was captured on CCTV video.

The two-minute video shared by ANI News Agency shows the woman trying to board the slow train with co-passengers, but she loses control of her steps and accidentally finds herself trapped between the moving train and the track

The woman, who managed to hold the train door firmly, could have lost her life after falling on the tracks.

Watch the video here:

The video presents a spooky sight as the woman disappears under the train only to emerge after almost turning around. Several onlookers arrived on site to rescue the woman. Even the police also rushed to help the stuck woman in the situation after which the train stopped. The woman can be seen surrounded by a crowd of passengers who had rushed to offer assistance.

The Vasai Road rail junction is located on the Western Line and the Vasai Road-Roha Line of Mumbai’s suburban Rail network.

Such incidents are common among the people of Mumbai. In a recent incident, another woman standing in the middle of Railroad tracks was rescued by an alert policeman at the Vasai Road rail junction. The local train was seen approaching the woman who was rescued.

In this particular incident, the local Dahanu-Andheri train was approaching the station when policeman Eknath Naik, who was on patrol, saw the woman standing in the middle of the tracks. Naik was quick enough to signal the conductor to stop the train. Running towards the woman, Naik pulled the woman towards the platform, saving her life.


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