Vivek Oberoi talks about rumors of illness following the death of Tamil actor Vivekh

Actor Vivek Oberoi released the statement aVifter his fans worried about his health. Rumors that he was hospitalized in Kennai came after the death of Tamil actor Vivekh.Actor Vivek Oberoi conveyed words of condolence over the death of the famous Tamil actor Vivekh and issued a statement to his fans. He told rumors of his health, saying he was alive and with his family.

“The unexpected death of well-known actor Vivek has left many disappointed. His time for humor and clever conversations has delighted people,” he said in a tweet.

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“In both his films and his life, his concern for the environment and the community is very clear. Words of condolence to his family, friends and loved ones. Om Shanti,” he added.
Vivekh was admitted to hospital on Friday and was diagnosed with a heart attack and was placed on ECMO funding since his condition worsened.

The actor was given the Covid-19 vaccine on Thursday. Authorities said the heart attack was not due to the vaccine.
AR Rahman tweeted, “@Actor_Vivek can’t believe you left us .. May you rest in peace have been happy for decades .. your legacy will stay with us.”

Actor Prakash Raj wrote, “Ahhh .. #vivek … I’m gone soon dear friend .. thank you for planting thoughts n trees … thank you for entertaining us and empowering us with your skills and humor..

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