View Once: The new WhatsApp feature is amazing, it will automatically disappear after viewing the message

New Delhi: WhatsApp has no response in terms of features. It ends up bringing new updates to its users every day. Now a new feature has arrived.

Who is the name Look Once. According to the WABetaInfo report, this feature has recently been introduced to Android users of the beta app.

According to a screenshot shared by WABetaInfo on Twitter, users will be able to send a disappearing image from the call gallery itself.

With this, after selecting an image, the user will see an icon-like icon, which will need to be hit. You will see this option next to the caption bar while posting the image.

WhatsApp feature will work like this

-To send photos / videos in watch mode once, the WhatsApp user must first select the media and then tap on the clock-like icon. It will be found next to the ‘Enter caption’ bar.

When the recipient opens the media, WhatsApp policy will notify the sender.
-When the media is turned on, WhatsApp will display the following message to the recipient: “This photo is set for viewing only once. For more privacy, this image will disappear after closing it”

You have to refresh

WhatsApp can use the WhatsApp Once View feature for photos and videos and GIFs. WhatsApp Users will need to update their beta version number to in order to use this feature.

According to WebInfo, even if users disable readable receipts, they will know whether the recipient is viewing the image or not when they open a message sent with the View Once feature.

Also, if you send a disappearing image to a group, you will be able to open an image of existing members in the group.

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