Vice President accuses Pakistan of supporting Taliban

Vice President- New Delhi: For the first time, Afghanistan has openly claimed that Pakistan is helping the Taliban militarily. The Vice President of Afghanistan alleged that the Pakistani Air Force was helping the Taliban against Afghan forces in the Spin Boldak area. This is the same neighborhood of Spin Boldak in Kandahar where Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui was ambushed by the Taliban on Thursday evening.

Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh today made serious allegations against Pakistan, saying: “The Pakistani Air Force has officially warned the Afghan army that efforts to oust the Taliban from the region of Spin Boldak will be strongly opposed. Provide close air support to the Taliban in some areas.

Although Pakistan has denied Afghanistan’s claims, it is considered an open secret that Pakistan is helping the Taliban in every way and playing a key role in capturing much of Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry issued a statement indicating that Afghanistan had expressed its desire to conduct air operations in the border area of ​​Chaman (Kandahar). Although, under international rules, such border operations are not allowed, Pakistan has accepted this point from Afghanistan. In view of the air operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan has taken the necessary steps with the safety of its soldiers and local citizens in mind.

The statement said that we have no problem with any action of the Afghan government in the sovereign territories of Afghanistan. But Pakistan has said that we have not sent any such message to Afghanistan, as the Afghan vice president claims.

Let us tell you that the Kandahar spin-boldak is adjacent to the Chaman border of Pakistan. On Thursday evening, Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui was assassinated by the Taliban here. The Danish had traveled to Afghanistan in recent days to cover the ongoing war between the Afghan army and the Taliban in Kandahar. He was “integrated” into the Afghan army and accompanied them for cover. According to reports, on Thursday evening, as he went for cover with the Afghan army, at the same time Taliban fighters ambushed him, in which Danish was also killed.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Danish studied at Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi and has been associated with international “Reuters” news agencies since 2010. He has also visited Afghanistan for Reuters coverage.

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