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Vegetable prices skyrocket: Retail prices of tomatoes at Rs 80 / kg due to unusual rains and rising fuel costs

Unseasonal rain and damaged crops with little to no supply from neighbouring cities like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh pushed the prices of vegetables

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Shivang Singh
Shivang Singh
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New Delhi: The nation’s capital is seeing another spike in vegetable prices due to rising fuel prices and unusual rains in several parts of the country, traders say. The common man bears the brunt of the rising cost of vegetables in the market with slight relief expected next month.

Which vegetables have seen a rise?

The prices of vegetables, especially tomatoes and okra, have seen a sharp increase over the past month in the city’s wholesale and retail markets. Tomato prices in October were Rs 33.5 per kg and it sells for Rs 44.25, while the price of okra has increased to Rs 35 per kg from Rs 15 last month, said Adil Ahmad Khan. , Chairman of the Agricultural Marketing Committee (APMC) of Azadpur Mandi.

“With high fuel prices and rainfall, the prices of vegetables tend to increase. How will daily wage workers buy tomatoes worth Rs 70 / kg? The whole budget is disrupted, ”says Sonu Pehlwan, a vegetable vendor, at the Okhla fruit and vegetable market. ANI agency.

The higher prices are more glaring in the retail and online market where customers have to shell out between Rs 90 and Rs 108 and Rs 100 to Rs 120 for a kg of tomato and okra, respectively, according to the PTI report. Among other vegetables, pumpkin, cauliflower, and umbrella squash have also seen a recent increase, which has impacted the budgets of housewives like Vandana Thappa in Ramesh Nagar.

“Every day you go out to buy vegetables, the price is higher than it was yesterday. You try to negotiate with the seller and he tells you that ‘Piche se hi mehnga aa raha hai’ (get it at a higher price in wholesale market only), ”Thapa told PTI. She thinks the government can at least control the price of vegetables, but it just won’t.

Retail prices of tomatoes soar across the country

Retail prices for tomatoes are in effect at Rs 80 per kg in most Indian cities, but rates have reached Rs 120 per kg in a few southern states due to widespread rains, according to government data, PTI reported.

In Chennai, the retail price for tomatoes was Rs 100 per kg, Puducherry Rs 90 per kg, Bengaluru Rs 88 per kg, and Hyderabad Rs 65 per kg.

In Kerala, retail prices for tomatoes are in effect at Rs 120 per kg in Kottayam, Rs 110 per kg in Ernakulam, Rs 103 per kg in Tiruvananthapuram, Rs 100 per kg in Palakkad, Rs 97 per kg in Trissure and 90 Rs. Rs per kg. in Wayanad and Kozikode.

In Karnataka, retail prices for tomatoes are in effect at Rs 85 per kg in Dharwad, Rs 84 per kg in Mysure, Rs 80 per kg in Mangalore and Rs 78 per kg in Bellary.

In Andhra Pradesh, tomato prices are in effect at Rs 91 per kg in Vijawada, Rs 80 per kg in Vishakapatnam and Rs 75 per kg in Tirupati.

In Tamil Nadu, tomatoes are sold at Rs 119 per kg in Ramanathapuram, Rs 103 per kg in Tirunelveli, Rs 97 per kg in Thiruchirapalli, Rs 94 per kg in Cuddalore, and Rs 90 per kg in Coimbatore.

However, in the national capital, tomatoes were sold at Rs 72 per kg, according to data held by the Ministry of Consumption for 167 centers representing all regions of the country.

What is the reason for soaring vegetable prices?

Adil Ahmad Khan Khan, chairman of the APMC, mentioned that any increase in the price of diesel has an impact on the price of vegetables and is currently being observed. As a result, the prices of almost all green vegetables are higher than they were the month before. “Besides the rise in diesel prices, the decrease in the supply of vegetables is also due to damage caused by the rains and the overwhelming demand for vegetables during the current wedding season. These are also important reasons for the rise. prices, ”Khan added.

Petrol in Delhi on Wednesday is Rs 103.97 per liter, while diesel retailed for Rs 86.67 per liter. According to SP Gupta, former chairman of Ghazipur Mandi’s APMC, soaring vegetable prices will start to show signs of easing next month with the arrival of new crops on the market.

“This time, due to non-seasonal rains and damaged crops, there was little to no supply from nearby towns like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The tomato we get comes from as far away as Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh or Shimla. Our supply from Bangalore is not going through either, “he said. However, Gupta hopes that as supplies from other states begin next month, there will be some relief.

“We will start receiving our supply from all of these states from next month, which will hopefully help bring down the inflated price of vegetables,” Gupta said.


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