Valorant Mobile may be close to launch as the animated screenshots show a selection of characters, the in-game screen

Valorant seems to be finally getting into smartphones, with the mobile version of the game apparently in the final stages of development in some parts of the world.

The new mobile game version ideas have been discarded online and show us what to expect when it finally reaches devices worldwide.

For those of you who don’t know, Valorant is a very popular PC fighting game. Its developer, Riot Games, had confirmed last year that it would release a new version of the smartphones game, though no timeline was proposed for the same. New leaks now suggest that the game may be close to launch.

Tips discarded with some photos shared on Twitter by renowned Valorant retailer DannyINTEL recently. Screenshots show the game’s mobile game testing, highlighting some of its key features.

Viewing these screenshots impresses with the level of images and controls that appear on Valorant mobile.

Pictures on Twitter indicate that Valorant Mobile is under trial in China, based on the game language we see in it. Apart from this, we can see a screenshot of the character selection, which shows the famous character Seva.

Other Valorant characters like Killjoy, Breach, Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, and Skye can also be seen in the photo.

There is also an in-game capture of the game, which shows how to play and controls. The controls are similar to what we have seen in other battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.

Move and shoot button is located on the left side of the screen, while right controls such as shooting, duck, jump, melee attack and reload. Interestingly, the character’s special power controls, a feature for which Valorant is most famous, can be seen on screen.

Tipster writes in his tweet that the game is already under review, so we can expect its beta version to drop soon.

It is expected that Riot Games will run a phase release of Valorant Mobile, but before that, we could see beta testing based on game invitations.

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