Vaccine shortage in many cities across the country

Vaccine shortage- There are complaints of a shortage of Covid vaccine in many cities across the country. As a result, the pace of vaccination has slowed down. Due to the lack of vaccine, no vaccine is given anywhere in Mumbai today. Here, the vaccination campaign must be stopped. However, people were not aware, because of which the line of people has been seen at the vaccination center since morning.

The vaccination campaign started from January 16 across the country. On June 21, a record over 90 lakh people were vaccinated. But now the pace has slowed down. So far, around 37 crore vaccines have been vaccinated. But only 40 lakh people were vaccinated on Friday. Where vaccination had hit the 90 lakh mark, it has now fallen to less than half. One of the reasons for this would also be the lack of vaccine in the country. (Vaccine shortage)

Country vaccination record for the last 15 days

July 8 – 40.23 lakhs
July 7 – 36.05 lakhs
July 6 – 45.82 lakhs
July 5 – 14.81 lakh
July 4 – 63.87 lakhs
July 3 – 43.99 lakhs
July 2 – 42.64 lakhs
July 1 – 27.60 lakhs
June 30 – 36.51 lakh
June 29 – 52.76 lakh
June 28 – 17.21 lakhs
June 27 – 64.25 lakhs
June 26 – 61.19 lakh
June 25 – 60.73 lakhs
June 24 – 64.89 lakh
June 23 – 54.24 lakh
When will vaccination start in Mumbai?
According to the BMC press release, the vaccination campaign will only resume after the arrival of the new vaccine stock. “The citizens of Mumbai are continually informed of the vaccination depending on the availability of the vaccine stock and an appropriate decision has been taken in this regard,” the statement said. Earlier, on July 1, the BMC suspended vaccination campaigns at company and government vaccination centers due to lack of vaccines.

According to BMC, 58 84 019 people have been vaccinated in the metropolis until Wednesday, of which 12 29 546 people have received both doses. There are currently 401 Kovid vaccination centers in the metropolis, of which 283 are managed by BMC, while 20 are managed by the government and 98 by private hospitals (Vaccine shortage).

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