Uttar Pradesh government sets up SIT to investigate irregularities

The government of Uttar Pradesh has set up a four-member special investigative team (SIT) at the behest of Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath under the chairmanship of Sanjiv Mittal, secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, to investigate .

Additional General Secretary Manoj Kumar Singh, additional DGP Rajeev Sabarwal and Metropolitan Planner Anoop Kumar Shrivastava are three members of the SIT, sources said.

SIT will investigate the irregularities between 2004 and 2017 and ensure that an investigation is delayed in the construction of two multi-storey towers that had already violated the pairing rules. They will send a report within a week, sources said.

The Supreme Court, on August 31, ordered the demolition of the two towers within three months.

Within hours of the Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath ordering on September 1 to investigate and crack down on officials accused of involvement in the construction of twin towers in the 40-story Noida, a Noida Authority planning officer was appointed and a senior retired editor-in-chief you are under the scanner, sources said.
UP CM Yogi Adityanath directs to investigate and crack down on Noida Superte officials …
The Uttar Pradesh government has temporarily suspended a director from the Noida Authority’s planning department over the construction of two-story towers in violation of banking laws, sources said on September 2.

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Mukesh Goyal, a manager in the Planning Department, has been nominated to attend the High Court hearing in the Emerald Court. He used to attend court hearings but did not bring updates on cases and important facts to the notice of top Noida Authority officials, sources said.

The planning manager has the first charge of being found guilty of misconduct and non-compliance. A departmental investigation has been launched into him and he will be suspended immediately from September 1, sources said.

About a dozen other Noida Authority officials are also being assessed for their alleged role in the case, they added.

Earlier, the Noida Authority had established a two-member committee to investigate alleged irregularities between 2004 and 2012. The investigation will be completed within a week. A two-member team of additional senior executives (ACEOs) Praveen Mishra and Neha Sharma are being formed.

“Yes, a committee has been formed to look into the role of officials and will submit their report within 10 days,” confirmed Neha Sharma, ACEO, Noida Authority.

“In the first results, the names of eight to nine people were sent to the government. Action will be taken at the national level, ”the official said.

Sources say that officials who held key positions in planning and other departments associated with the approval of the construction work between November 2009 and March 2012 are under radar.

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The task assigned to the committee is to determine whether the first 15 buildings of the Emerald Court project located in the Noida Sector 93A area and the two twins were part of one building or two separate projects when other building plans were approved back in 2005. Developer Supertech was allocated land to the project back in November 2004.

The committee also looks at the issue of approval for elevation. It was in October 2011 that the planned height of the buildings rose from 66 meters to 121 meters through the FAR.

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