US imposes new sanctions against China

US blacklists Chinese biotech companies: The US on Thursday announced new sanctions against China for human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims.

President Joe Biden’s administration has said it is imposing new sanctions on several Chinese biotechnology and surveillance companies for human rights violations in Xinjiang province.

The Commerce Department is targeting the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences and its 11 research institutes that are working on biotechnology to help the Chinese military.

A senior administrative official said on condition of anonymity that the Treasury Department was also preparing to impose fines on several Chinese entities.

Referring to the actions of the Commerce Department, the official said that the US intelligence services learned that Beijing has set up high-tech surveillance systems throughout Xinjiang province, using facial recognition of all residents of Xinjiang. Province.

Recognition has been prepared. DNA samples were also collected from all residents of the province in the 12 to 65 age group. The United States sees this as an attempt to remove Uyghur Muslims from the province.

China has denied the claims

However, China has denied the allegations of any kind of harassment. He says the measures he has taken are necessary to fight terrorism and separatist movements.

All of these US-banned institutes work on blood transfusions, bioengineering, and toxicology. US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said in a statement, “Scientific discovery of biotechnology and medical innovation can save lives, but China is using them to suppress and inhumanely suppress ethnic minority groups and religious in his country “. In the past.”

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