Urfi Javed’s balance repeatedly Urfi Javed Transparent Dress, trolled on social media, people said – ‘Ghor Kalyug’

Urfi Javed Video: Social media sensation Urfi Javed was recently spotted in Mumbai. During this, she lost her balance while posing with a fan, after which she is being trolled badly.

Urfi Javed Transparent Dress: Urfi Javed, who became famous with ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, often makes her place in the headlines. Sometimes her strange clothes and sometimes controversial statements, Urfi Javed dominates the social media every day. Recently, she once again came out of the house wearing her unique outfit and was surrounded by paparazzi, but during this time something happened to her, after which the actress is being trolled fiercely on social media.

Viral video of urfi javed

Urfi Javed Transparent Dress: Actually, Urfi Javed was spotted in Mumbai on 5 December 2022. First he posed for the paparazzi on the roadside and then he found a fan who wanted to pose for a picture with him. Urfi Javed went to him, but collided with him. The actress also apologized to him. Not only this, later the actress also got into a fight with a boy in the lift. Paparazzi told him, what is happening to you. On this, Urfi says that the luck of those people with whom she is clashing is good.

Urfi Javed trolled

This video of Urfi Javed is going viral on social media. Along with this, they are also being trolled a lot. Some people are calling Urfi Javed’s dress useless, while some are saying that the fate of those people with whom Urfi Javed is clashing is bad. One fan even said, “Oh God, the dark age.” One user said, “Forced over acting.” In this way, the fans are listening to him as usual.

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