Update your windows PC immediately ,Microsoft releases August 2021 update that fixes 44 risks

Microsoft is now releasing the August 2021 Patch and bringing the redevelopment of the three-day vulnerability and 44 exploits discovered over the past few weeks.

There are printNightmare impact fixes that would allow remote coding on a print server, among a dozen other such spots.

In the review log, Microsoft ranked seven risks as high while 37 were significant.

If it is still not clear, you should immediately download the security update as this risk is not suitable for your device, your data, and connected devices. The three zero-day actions taken are:

CVE-2021-36936 Windows Print Spooler Remote Code Execution Vulnerability.

CVE-2021-36942 Windows LSA Spoofing At Risk
CVE-2021-36948 Windows Update Medic Service Rights Risk Promotion.

Update your windows PC immediately ,Microsoft releases August 2021 update that fixes 44 risks

Great relief for those who were concerned after the discovery of the Windows Print Spooler Code Execution zero-day.

Microsoft has redesigned the risk by requiring Windows users to install administrative privileges in order to install printer drivers using the Windows Point and Print feature.

Microsoft has acknowledged the risk and said it would do so. It took Microsoft a long time to remove the patch, but people will now be able to connect PCs to their printers and use remote print servers without much fear.

Also fixed is the target of the days of zero PetitPotam NTLM transmissions using an API called MS-EFSRPC to strongly negotiate a remote transmission network under the control of the attacker.

The third risk of zero days left marked by patches is Windows Update Medic Service Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability.

Microsoft said the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) and the windows pc Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC).

Among these risks are eight information disclosures, two denials of services, and four vulnerabilities.

According to Microsoft, the affected software tools are NET Core & Visual Studio, ASP.NET Core & Visual Studio, Azure, Windows Update, Windows Print Spooler Components, Windows Media, Windows Defender, Remote Desktop Client, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Edge (Chromium- based), Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office SharePoint, among others.

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