Twitter will now allow other iOS users to sell their live audio time tickets to Spaces

Twitter has begun releasing ticketed spaces for certain iOS users. Now if you are wondering what that is, a paid auditorium.

A Space user can charge a fee for letting you enter his or her audio room. Twitter said it was currently testing the feature for some iOS users.

In early June, Twitter opened its applications for iOS and Android users to try Ticket Spaces and Super Follows with their audiences sharing their problems equally.

“We want to help people who create cool spaces make $$$ today, some Ignorant will be able to create Ticket Spaces! We are trying iOS only for now but hopefully we will find it for everyone soon to know it takes us a while, but we want to get ready for this! ”Twitter announced on its platform.

Twitter has not disclosed whether this feature will be released to Indian users or not.

Tickets with tickets will allow users to hold special audio shows such as times, concerts or music shows but users will not be able to join for free.

Using Tickets with Tickets, creators can make money by charging people. However, the title or content of the show should be interesting enough. People should feel paid for the spaces.

The manager can set a ticket price, and it can be as low as $ 1 and up to $ 999. About 100 people can be invited to the venue with a ticket.

Not only that, the administrator can also promote and send reminders to attendees with in-app and in-app notifications sent directly to their devices and share your Space information directly to your Home Timeline.

“We want to help make Twitter not just a fun place to engage your audience, but a place where you can earn money by having good conversations – whether you’re just starting out or already building your next one.

Super Follows. Twitter will not take more than 3% of the share until it exceeds $ 50,000 in living wage on both products.

After this point, Twitter’s share has risen to 20% of future revenue, “Twitter said. on a blog with a Ticket Ticket,

From now on, anyone can join Spaces on Twitter. It is not a paid thing. The feature is currently being used for webinars and even music concerts.

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