Twitter calls Vinay Prakash as Resident Grievance Officer

Twitter has appointed a Complaints Resident Officer – India. The microblogging site has appointed Vinay Prakash as Resident Grievance Officer of India. Contacted by the grievance-officer at @, according to site details.

The move comes in accordance with Article 4 (d) of India’s Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, where Twitter is required to publish a monthly report on the handling of complaints from Indian users, including action taken against them, and and the number of URLs Twitter has taken action as a result of effective monitoring efforts.

Prakash’s appointment comes after the Delhi Supreme Court on July 8 refused to allow any temporary protection on Twitter and ruled that it was open to the government to take any action against the telecommunications company in accordance with IT rules.

The court also found that Twitter was facing the Courempt of Court for failing to clarify that the appointed Grievance Officer was temporary.

In this regard, Twitter responded that it was in the process of appointing a Grievance Officer, Nodal Officer and Compliance Officer. It had previously submitted an eight-week requirement for the appointment of a Grievance Officer, Nodal Officer, and Compliance Officer in accordance with IT regulations.

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Most notably, India’s interim chief of appeal Dharmendra Chatur resigned in June, leaving a small blog site without a complaint officer as required by the new rules.

Complaints Data in India

The communications giant also shared information obtained through its Grievance Officer – India channel between May 26, 2021 and June 25, 2021. The information also includes Twitter content and complaints received from individual users on related court orders, in addition.

It also stated that most of the complaints received during this period are related to account verification, account access, or seeking help or account information or Twitter enforcement actions not included in the details below.

The data showed that there were 6 reports of 38 url abuse and harassment, as well as 20 other defamatory reports – of which 87 urls were made. There were 3 fake url 1 reports and one report on intellectual property or IP-related violations, with false information and fraudulent media. Other complaints include 4 reports of sensitive adult content and 3 violations of privacy.

In addition, 56 other complaints against the suspension of Twitter account are still being considered. All of this was resolved and the appropriate responses were sent. “We have revoked the suspension of 7 accounts based on the status quo, but some accounts have been suspended,” the statement read.

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On “effective monitoring” of issues related to child sexual abuse and terrorism, Twitter said it removed the content and immediately reported it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) which informed the relevant authorities. It has suspended 18,385 accounts of child sexual abuse, illegal nudity, and similar content.

Similar to the terrorist activity, the company has said it is “flagging” such content. Deleted 4,179 accounts for promoting terrorism.

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