Tinder will soon make ID Verification available to all members worldwide

Tinder on Tuesday announced that it would make ID Verification available to members worldwide at residential locations.

The online dating company has noted that it will consider expert recommendations, input from members regarding applicable documents in each country, and local laws and regulations, as it will determine how the feature will come out.

Product will start as a voluntary, unless otherwise authorized by law, and based on the input received will change to ensure an equitable, inclusive and friendly approach to ID verification.

Rory Kozoll, Head of Trust & Safety Product at Tinder said, “ID verification is complex and complex, which is why we are taking a test and learning approach to issuance.

We know that one of the most important things Tinder can do to make members feel safe is to give them more confidence that their games are real and that they have more control over who they work with.

And we hope that all our members around the world will see the benefits of interacting with people who have gone through our ID verification process.

We look forward to the day when as many people as possible can be verified on Tinder. ”

Tinder notes that the Swipe feature created is built on dual penetration technology and the basis of the consent agreement before the connection is made.

Over the past two years, Tinder has released more than 10 technological security features that reduce anonymity, increase responsiveness, and help members secure with features such as Photo Verification, and Face to Face chat.

Tracey Breeden, VP of Safety and Social Advocacy at Match Group, said, “We know that in many parts of the world and in previously marginalized communities, people may have strong reasons why they can’t or do not want to share their reality – land ownership through an online platform.

Creating an equitable solution to identity verification is a challenge, but it is a sensitive security project and we look to our communities and professionals to help inform how we operate. ”

Tinder first issued an ID certification in Japan in 2019 and used the lessons learned from that market to inform the decision.

Tinder notes that he continues to invest in security and works closely with experts – this commitment is part of Match Group’s previously announced $ 100 million in talent, product, technology and balanced efforts related to trust and safety in 2021.

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