This IAS told the candidate who missed 4 marks in BPSC PT, he had failed in 10 prelims, got a job after 8 years of graduation

This IAS told the candidate

Avneesh often inspires the youth preparing for recruitment exams with his tweets. Avneesh Sharan always explains by giving his example for the youth who are frustrated in competitive exams.

Recently the result of BPSC PT has been released, in this exam some candidates passed and some were left.Out of these, the candidate who did not pass the BPSC exam by 4 marks has expressed his grief by tweeting.

A candidate has written on the tweet, ‘I could not pass the BPSC exam by 4 marks, now I do not understand what to do, I am unemployed since I passed in 2017 batch’.

Giving his example to this frustrated youth, IAS Avneesh Sharan tweeted, ‘Don’t worry, I failed in 10 prelims exams, I graduated in 2002, but got job in 2009’.

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This IAS told the candidate

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