The Twitter Crush trend is taking over Twitter. People react with funny messages, memes

Many have now joined the trend to share hilarious posts under the trend Twitter Crush.

If you’re a regular Twitter user, chances are your feed is inundated with posts and memes related to the latest Twitter crush trend. Throughout yesterday, the #TwitterCrush hashtag was also trending on Twitter and people are still sharing all kinds of posts under the trend. Many have now joined the trend of sharing hilarious posts. A few have also given free rein to their creativity to create memes that tickle the ribs. Here are some of the trendiest tweets.

Meme on Twitter Crush trend. (Twitter)

Twitter Crush trend meme.
Meme shared under Twitter Crush.
Twitter user shared Twitter Crush meme.

A few days ago, another trend was making the buzz on Twitter. It’s the “What more clues do you want?” In this trend, people were talking about the different ways they had dropped a clue about their feelings, but their crush didn’t notice the secret message. The relatable and witty posts under the trend made people laugh.

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