The Role Of A Hospital Pharmacist And Its Importance

The Role Of A Hospital Pharmacist And Its Importance

One of the most important departments of a hospital include the Pharmacy Department that takes care of
the entire pharmaceutical operations starting from preparing the medicines to taking care of its stock and
distribution. The role is not only limited to making of medicines but also extended to advising healthcares
professionals as well as the patients about the effective use of these medicines.
The elementary role of pharmacy department is to ensure that the patient gets the right medicine at the
right place at the right time along with the right amount of dosage recommended by the health
professional. This blog covers the role that hospital pharmacists perform and their significance.
Role of Hospital Pharmacists
Making individualized medication plans for patients: Hospital Pharmacists play a vital role in making
the medication plans for each patient according to the prescription and recommendation of the doctors.
Apart from this, they are also responsible to mention about the do’s and don’ts and repercussions of
specific medicines for its effective usage.
Assisting physicians and other health professionals: Hospital Pharmacists prove to be support system
to the entire healthcare professionals as they extend their helping hand to the physicians to make drug
based decisions.
Prescribing medicines in case of emergencies: When medication of a patient becomes the need of the
hour, at that time Hospital Pharmacists act as Angels to those patients by prescribing them with the
required medicines that can help at that moment.
Conducting Clinical Trials: Hospital Pharmacists also emphasize on conducting clinical trials so that
they can come up with new or modified versions of the treatments for diseases that are rare. They put
constant efforts to come up with new and innovative techniques that can be used for better treatment of
the patients.
Staying updated: As Pharmacists take care of the entire medicine department, hence it becomes
mandatory for them to stay updated with the new or modified versions of the medicines. This includes
reading research papers, conducting thorough R&D that eventually helps them to understand more about
the medicine before recommending it.
Discharging the patients: The responsibility of a Hospital Pharmacist is to make sure that the discharge
details match with the prescribed medications in the drug chart of the patient. They are required to keep a
proper track of the patients getting discharged and go through their discharge details. After matching the
details, they are responsible to dispense the correct medication to the patients for further process.
Importance of Hospital Pharmacists
Tracking purchase and supply of medicines: One of the reasons why Hospital pharmacists hold so
much significance is because they are the sole care taker of purchasing and supplying medicines. They
keep a track of the stock and immediately purchase the drugs that are under stocked so as to meet the
demand and supply effectively.

Reduce the burden of Healthcare professionals: As Pharmacists are qualified specifically in medicines,
they posses in depth knowledge about the usage and consequences of each medicine, therefore they act as
advisors not only to the patients, but also to the healthcare professionals, thereby reducing latter’s burden.

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