The iPhone 12 mini for Rs 42,099 at Flipkart is your daily treat

Flipkart Big Diwali sales have various deals on smartphones. But if you are waiting to buy an iPhone 12 mini, there is a good offer that you should not miss.

I’m talking about the iPhone 12 mini deal, which was launched last year. Shortly after the launch of the new iPhone 13 series, Apple reduced the price of the iPhone 12. However, Flipkart offers you an additional discount, so your Diwali purchase is always fun.

Let’s talk about the iPhone 12 mini deal now. Flipkart sells iPhone 12 mini 64GB for Rs 42,099. This is about Rs 17,800 less than the new price of Rs 59,900 64GB unlike the iPhone 12 mini. That makes it a memorable deal, but Flipkart gives you more reasons to call.

After a discount of Rs 17,800, there is an additional discount of Rs 4,100, but you can only get it using the SBI credit card only.

Following this discount, the functional price of the iPhone 12 mini 64GB becomes Rs 37,999, which is one of the lowest prices for that model. You can buy any color option at that price. The iPhone 12 mini comes in black, blue, green, green, purple, (Product) RED, and white colors.

Did I mention that there is a way to reduce costs? If you have an old and used smartphone, you can trade and get around Rs 14,900 as a discount on your new iPhone 12 mini purchase.

For example, if you replace the iPhone XR, Flipkart will give you a discount of Rs 13,700. After that discount, the effective price of your small iPhone 12 will be Rs 28,499.

The iPhone 12 mini for Rs 42,099 at Flipkart is your daily treat

Although there is an exchange program on Flipkart, you may not get the best value for your old phone. Thus, you can try forums like Cashify that give you a better return on your old phone.

For example, the same iPhone XR costs about Rs 16,000 at Cashify. You can withdraw money in cash, but if you are going to claim a voucher-based return, you get extra money.

You can easily use the voucher on Flipkart and continue with your small purchase of the iPhone 12. That way, you also save Rs 100 download on Flipkart.

If you think the iPhone 12 mini isn’t the right model for you, you can look at the iPhone 12, which is also currently available on Flipkart.

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