The Apple Watch 7 reportedly uses the same processor as the Apple Watch 6

The Apple Watch 7 was unveiled next to the iPhone 13 series at the launch event on September 15. Although Apple unveiled the smartwatch design and specification, it did not disclose the exact details of the device.

However, the details of the Apple Watch 7 were accessed via direct text from Apple. The text was revealed via Twitter user, who goes by the name Ali Rexa.

According to Apple’s official document, the Watch 7 series s powered by Apple’s S7 system-in-package (SiP). The chip is believed to be a redesigned S6 model, which enables the Apple Watch Series 6.

The document revealed that the chip includes a 64-bit dual-core processor processor. It is also believed to be 20 percent faster than the chip used on the Apple Watch SE.

In addition to the processor, the document has revealed some details about the internal storage of the Apple Watch.

It says the Apple Watch 7 could store 32GB of storage like its predecessors the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 6. Interestingly, Apple has already abandoned the Apple Watch 6.

Regarding the new Apple Watch 7, Jeff Williams, chief executive of Apple, said, “The Apple Watch Series 7 is bringing great improvements – from our largest and most advanced display, to the fastest and fastest – that makes it the best smartwatch the world has become better than ever.

Powered by watchOS 8, Apple Watch brings new useful capabilities to help customers stay connected, follow work and work, and better understand their overall health and well-being. ”

Apple revealed during the launch that the smartwatch will go on sale later this year. If you think Apple has not shared a scheduled timeline, one can expect a delivery delay perhaps due to chip shortages.

The Apple Watch 7 is expected to go on sale in India around October.

Apple has only shared the US price of the Apple Watch, we do not know how much this device will cost in India. The Apple Watch Series 7 will be available in the US for an initial price of $ 399 (approximately Rs 30,000).

In India, the Appe Watch 7 series is expected to be available for Rs 40,900 GPS model and GPS + Cellular model at Rs 49,900. However, Apple will not disclose any details about India’s smartwatch prices.

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