The Apple Car may come with a different sunroof system that can change the appearance

Here we are not sure when the Apple Car will arrive, but for sure, the rumors around it sound fun no matter how often you hear it.

There are new rumors surrounding the Apple Cars, but they are based on solid evidence.

Apple has approved a new type of sunroof technology where the driver will be able to control the light, allowing him to let the sunlight on the car without opening the sunroof.

According to the patent, seen by MotorTrend, Apple has visualized a sunroof with a glass of opacity, which will turn on the light at various degrees and be completely visible through granular controls.

“Another feature of the embodiments revealed is the vehicle that connects the window with the translucence variable defined in the window.

The flexible translucence area is controlled to allow the desired level of light through the window, ”reads the patent, referring to a unique solar roof.

This sunroof can be used if you want to get some sunlight, say, in the winter, but do not want the cold air inside. However, in the summer, the Apple Car will have a feature.

The patent stated that the sunroof would open in sequence with side windows, unlike a solid sunroof in cars with similar technology. An open sunroof will allow the driver to get fresh air, but there may be other purposes, too.

It is also possible that all sunroof controls will be available in CarPlay and even Siri. But copyright does not say that.

However, the patent is one of the tangible evidence that Apple is actually working with its Apple Car and that it will have to wait. Previous rumors may have been correct, if we go by what Apple has officially revealed so far.

Apple is reportedly developing and testing a new self-driving car system, which could get into its first car. Other reports also suggested that the Apple Car would be an electric car (EV), similar to the Tesla.

The company is said to be organizing the production of the car in partnership with car manufacturers. But despite all, the Apple Car is unlikely to launch soon.

Much of the leak says Apple Car will still last for three or four years, which may be true given the negative management of Apple’s car project.

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