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Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Retail Inflation 2021 In August Eases To A Four-Month Low. Know Why

Retail Inflation 2021: Prices of vegetables fell 11.68 percent from a year ago, while cereals fell 1.42 percent.New Delhi: The lifting of foreclosure restrictions...

Impact of COVID-19: Assocham seeks wage support, interest rate support to assist industry

The Assocham Industrial Room on Wednesday commended the government for expanding its assistance such as regulatory cuts, wage support, and interest subsidies for MSMEs...

COVID-19 crisis: Banks can raise interest rates from last year’s quarter in April-June, analysts say

With the second wave of COVID-19, banks are preparing to angrily increase plans for the April-June quarter to monitor potential losses on their loans...

ICICI Bank says that Rs 175 crore has been provided for compound interest refund

Private lender, ICICI Bank, said on April 24 that it had provided Rs 175 crore to the borrowers to refund the interest amount at...

The best way to double your investment – small savings schemes vs joint funds

The Treasury has pressured small-scale savings investors to reduce interest rates to 110 points in the April-June quarterly quarter, on Wednesday. However, the order...

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