Sonu Sood surprised shopkeeper by suddenly reaching

Sonu Sood– Bollywood actor Sonu Sood suddenly arrived at a store in Srinagar and was promoting products from his store, surprising the shopkeeper. Sood is in Srinagar these days as part of the Jammu and Kashmir administration’s revised film policy.

He took to a street in the Batmaloo Bazaar in the city and started talking to Shami Khan, who has been selling shoes for almost a decade.

Sood, who was appreciated by the population for helping migrant workers during the pandemic, asked Khan for the price of the slippers and asked him to give him a discount on the price. Sood also urged his fans to buy from Khan’s store. In a video shared on Instagram, the actor said, “Whoever wants to buy shoes, come to Shamim bhai’s store and if you take my name, he will definitely give you a discount on the price.”

Let us tell you, the process of helping the needy started by him during lockdown last year continues to this day. Not only in Mumbai, but he is seen standing with all the compatriots today. On the other hand, there is another special thing about Sonu Sood that wherever he goes he definitely shares a special video from there.

Not only that, sometimes he becomes a tailor and sometimes he starts to cut his hair. That is, Sonu Sood, full of talent, entertains fans a lot not only through movies but also through social networks.

About Sonu Sood

In 1999, Sood was introduced to Tamil language films with Kallazhagar and Nenjinile. He then appeared as an antagonist in the Telugu movie Hands Up! in 2000. In 2001, he appeared in Majunu. He then began to act in Hindi films, with Shaheed-E-Azam, as Bhagat Singh in 2002. Sood was recognized as the brother of Abhishek Bachchan in Yuva by Mani Ratnam in 2004 and in Aashiq Banaya. Aapne in 2005.

In Tollywood, with the release of Super in 2005, he received greater recognition for his work. In this film, his co-star was Nagarjuna as a high-tech thief. His next film was Athadu. In 2006, he again portrayed the antagonist in Ashok. It was a rude way, but by now it had become popular in the Telugu films.

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