Some airlines offer India-UK flights for Rs 19,000-Rs 34,000 mid-Sep vs Rs 1-1.5 lakh current

Flights between India and UK increase from Rs 1.2 lakh to 1.5 lakh flights throughout August but by mid-September, Etihad, Turkey Airlines and Emirates are very low – between Rs 20,000 up to Rs 35,000.

Fares was shot dead last week over rising demand after the UK decided to move India from its “red list” to the “amber” category, opening the door for Indians to travel to the country without a 10-day hotel. self-closing.
The race resulted in a fare of Rs 50,000-Rs 70,000 before August 8 to between Rs 1,18,344 and Rs 1,48,355 August, data collected by Moneycontrol at Air India, Vistara Airlines,, and EaseMyTrip . com shown.

A look at the existing economic sector seats on flights between India and the UK shows that most airlines in August have limited seats. Between August 13 and August 25, about four to five seats are available and these cost between Rs 1,18,344 and Rs 1,48,355.
Economic flights dropped slightly after August 25 to between Rs 96,042 and Rs 1,08,994, with about ten seats.

Funds fall sharply after September 1 to about Rs 44,143 and Rs 1,36,639 and fall sharply after September 15.

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According to current data Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Emirates offer cheap flights between India and the UK.
The cheapest flight on Etihad Airways to the UK is currently available for Rs 19,093 in mid-September. Similarly, the cheapest flight from Turkey Airlines to the UK currently offers around Rs 33,679 and Emirates offers its cheapest flight at around Rs 34,387 in mid-September.

Prices are expected to fall even higher next week as the Department of Aviation on August 12 announced an increase in the number of special flights operating between India and the UK from 30 to 60 per week from August 16 onwards.
Market experts say the prices of flights between India and the UK are likely to drop to previous levels by the end of August due to new flights that are likely to start operating soon.

“While flights have risen to very high levels after low availability, many customers have completed bookings at lower prices than they currently do,” said Goldman Sachs market expert Goldman Sachs. He also added that current prices apply to the last few seats available on aircraft.

He said existing flights were not tolerated by customers as bookings could not be completed at these levels.

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