Skills Assessment Test And Its Importance For Engineering Students

Skills Assessment Test And Its Importance For Engineering Students

In this era, when the competitive edge has exponentially increased, screening the students and eventually selecting them to place in the organizations have become a lot more selective. Especially in such a time, where the number of job seekers has surpassed the number of job providers, several stages of screening have been introduced to find the right candidate for the right position at the right time.

With a pool of job fields, Engineering is one such field that has always been popular among the students to go for. This blog covers various kinds of Skills Assessment Tests that organizations conduct to find their best candidate.

Types of Skills Assessment Tests 

In order to seek the essential skills that candidates must posses, the following tests are conducted by the companies according to their respective requirements.

Technical Skill Test:

Since Engineering is mostly about technology and technical fields, Technical Skill Test becomes a pre requisite for Engineering Job Fields.

For instance, if you want to pursue your career as a Developer, then you may be tested for the quality of coding that you offer.

Meanwhile, if the designation of Floor Engineer is something that suits you, then companies may conduct Mechanical Engineering Skill Test or AutoCAD Test to screen their applicants.

Under technical skills, there are other tests conducted to find the suitability of a candidate that include front end, back end technologies, Data Bases, knowledge of API Skills and Machine Learning, testing frameworks such as Selenium and many such tests.

Soft Skills Tests:

Soft Skills are as important as Technical Skills. Hence, being equipped with decent Soft Skills becomes the need of the hour when it comes to get landed up for a job.

The aspects which a candidate gets judged on are communication, punctuality, learning ability and so on.

Cognitive Skill Tests: 

 This parameter tests the candidates on the basis of their overall aptitude and thinking ability. This area examines them on their verbal ability, logical ability, numerical and quantitative aptitude.

Along with the above mentioned aspects, Cognitive Tests also examine the speed and concentration of the candidates to better understand the learning capability and grasping power of that helps the employers to understand and predict how the candidate will perform in future in any specific circumstance.

Psychometric Tests:

Psychometric Skills Test is a set of 3 tests that judges a candidate on various aspects. The 3 sets include Engineer Aptitude Test, Engineer Skill Test, Engineer Situational Judgement and Personality Tests. A brief description of the 3 sets has been given in this blog so as to help you get a clear idea about the types of questions that you may expect during your screening procedure.

Engineer Aptitude Test: This will test the general ability and intelligence of an Engineering candidate   that includes Numerical Reasoning Tests that examines the quantitative skills based on numbers and graphs given, Abstract and Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests, Verbal Tests that tests the knowledge of language and Spatial Ability Test that examines your knowledge of 3D images.

However, if you are an applicant of Electrical Engineering, then Fault Diagnosis Test is an additional test that you might have to go through during the screening process.

Engineer Technical Test: This will test you on aspects such as Electricity, Physical Forces, Pulleys and Levers, Magnetism, Terminologies, Conventions and Tools and many such other technical fields.

Engineer Situational Judgements and Personality Tests: Situational Judgement questions the candidates based on real work life scenarios and its problems and conflicts, post which the candidate is expected to come up with the most effective solution out of the number of available options. This will help the company understand the problem solving skills of any applicant as to how he would react if any such similar situation arises in the long run.

Personality Tests consider certain personality traits that are required in the candidates for specific positions. These tests may be subjective depending upon the kind of job you will apply for.

Importance of Skills Assessment Test

Bridges the gap between Employers and Candidates:

With a gap between the skills that employers search and the qualification that candidates have, Skills Assessment Tests hold great significance as these tests help the candidates to know what exactly the companies expect from them. Moreover, gaining knowledge on these aspects will help you get a knack of what you are expected to bring along with you in your dream organization.

Makes them job ready:

 It helps both the candidates and the employers know whether the applicants are job ready or not. As you go on reading more about such kinds of tests, it will help you to transform your knowledge from theoretical to practical field, thereby making you more effective and efficient than before.

Makes the candidates understand about the required skill set:

 It helps the candidates to know the required skill sets that are mandatory to grab a job opportunity. The skill sets include technical skills, project management skills and communication skills. If you’re lagging behind in any of these skills, then appearing for these tests repetitively will surely fetch you better scores with every attempt.

Skills Assessment Test

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