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Signs of improvement in the economy

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Signs of improvement- Moody’s rating agency retained India’s credibility on Tuesday and lowered the country’s outlook from negative to stable. To improve the outlook, he cited a reduction in the risk of a downturn in the economy and financial system. Moody’s has assigned India a “BAAA3” rating. It has a low level of investment and is just a cut above the junk status.

Moody’s Investor Services said in a statement: “We have changed the outlook for the credibility of the Indian government from negative to stable. Unsecured) were maintained at Baa3.

As a result, Moody’s has changed
to have less risk of falling into the negative feedback between changing the negative outlook by Moody’s stable to decide because the real economy and the financial system. The rating agency said: “With improving capital and liquidity conditions, risks at banks and non-bank financial institutions have been reduced compared to previous estimates.” (Signs of improvement)

The agency said: “The risk remains with the high debt burden and low debt service. But Moody’s expects the economic environment to be helpful in gradually reducing the budget deficit of central and state governments over the next few years. This will prevent further deterioration of the credibility of the government.

It should be noted that Moody’s Investors Service lowered India’s credit rating from “Baa2” to “Baa3” last year. He said there would be challenges in implementing policies aimed at mitigating the risk of still weak growth and a deterioration in the fiscal situation. Moody’s had maintained the prospect of the negative rating.

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