Shiv Sena: In UP, the upper caste voters are getting away

Shiv Sena- It is written in Saamana that there is still an internal rebellion in Congress. Even a party like the BJP is not exempt. The Bharatiya Janata party in West Bengal is in turmoil today and everyone who was borrowed from Trinamool Congress to win the election has started returning home.
Shiv Sena targeted the BJP through his spokesperson Saamana. Shiv Sena attacked the BJP through an op-ed in Saamana, writing that the situation in UP has become so bad that the BJP must resort to Brahmin votes through Jitin Prasada. It is written in Saamana that the voters of the upper castes separate from the BJP in UP. Until now, the BJP didn’t need math or face in the state, but now it has to.

“The BJP must support the Brahmin votes of Jitin Prasad”,
reads in saamana. Jitin Prasada, severely defeated in the Uttar Pradesh legislative elections, eventually became the BJP. The arrival of Jitin Prasada is celebrated at BJP. The reason for this is the caste arithmetic of elections in Uttar Pradesh. If Prasad had so much influence over the Brahmin vote in Uttar Pradesh, why couldn’t he divert those votes to Congress? Another significance of this can also be taken from the fact that in Uttar Pradesh pro-BJP upper caste voters are now moving away from them. Until now, BJP didn’t need math and faces in Uttar Pradesh. Only Narendra Modi was everything, it was politics. Votes were received in the name of Ram Mandir or Hindutva. Now the situation in Uttar Pradesh has become so bad that it is necessary to resort to the votes of the Brahmins of Jitin Prasad.

“Remaining congressional veterans are now jumping off the boat,”
wrote the editorial on the condition of Congress, the question is only that the remaining veterans of the Congress party are now jumping off the boat. So this only happens in Uttar Pradesh, it is not. In Rajasthan, now Sachin Pilot has given a farewell warning to the party leadership. Sachin Pilot and his supporters are already unhappy and he has a head start. Sachin Pilot rebelled a year ago. He was somehow pacified, but the discontent continues to this day. There was a big split in the Punjab Congress and the opposition faction waged a cross-border war against Chief Minister Amarinder. Concern about this increases when leaders like Prasad quit the party and join the BJP. The rest of Congress suffers from this downfall.

“How should Congress be held?” “
Raising questions about Congress, Shiv Sena said in the editorial that Congress suffered a crushing defeat in West Bengal. Congress could not establish power in Kerala even after her condition was good. Despite Assam’s timeliness, Congress has fallen behind schedule. Power loss in Pondicherry. What should Congress do and how should it stand throughout this fall? Even today, no one has been able to erase the “imprint” of Manmohan Singh, Narasimha Rao, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. But with the exception of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala, Congress is fighting for its existence. It is an image that disrupts the political balance of the country. It is a dangerous situation for democracy.

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