Shark Tank India: Revamp Moto Brings EV Mitr and RM25 Utility Bike and Got a Great Deal and Lots of Debate Among Sharks

Are you looking to revamp Moto Mitra Shark Tank India update? Revamp Moto Mitra is therefore the very first reliable, modular, and connected electric vehicle based on its modular utility platforms in India. Revamp Moto Mitra featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 5. If Electric Scooter Revamp Moto Mitra receives funding of ₹1 Crores from Shark Tank India, we will know more.

As you know, Revamp Moto is an Indian-made electric scooter manufacturer that produces reliable and modular scooters. The demand for electric vehicles is very high all over the world, people are now using electric vehicles instead of petrol and diesel cars, bicycles. It is certain that in the coming times, the number of electric vehicles in India will be very high.

What is Revamp Moto Mitra?
Revamp Moto 2020 was launched in Nashik, Maharashtra base is an electric vehicle startup. This Revamp Moto develops highly reliable, modular and connected electric vehicles based on modular utility platforms.

Currently, Revamp Moto has released its two products named “RM MITRA 02” and “RM 25”. These two products are without electric battery. This vehicle is made in India, its product was made in India.

RM MITRA 02: This is a top model from Revamp Moto which has a top speed of 65 km/h. This model uses a replaceable battery that can be removed and charged. Revamp Moto gives the possibility to customize the client by opting for this variable. The user can customize this vehicle according to his needs.

It already has some built-in customizations like saddlebags, side rack, rear seat, delivery basket, food box, modular shop, folding table and rear front, etc.

A new way to view 2 wheels that comes with over 10 attachments. The 3 co-founders, Jayesh Tope, Pushkaraj Salunke, and Pritesh Mahajan bring the first modular utility platform which is Moto Mitr. The concept of bringing the EV vehicle with utility accessories is one of the first in India and it comes with the following features.

  • 140 KM in 1 charge
  • Top Speed: 65 KM/hr
  • Able to carry up to 200 KG Weight
  • Comes with 2 Battery Packs
  • Along with connected through your mobile phone

Ravamp Moto Mitr Attachments Examples

  • Folding Table for Fruits and Vegetable Sellers
  • Delivery Basket for Ecommerce Players
  • Small Mobile Fridge (Kool Keep) for Carrying Vaccines, Milk etc – The Kool Keep when used for 5 hours brings down the range from 140 KM to 70 KM.

Price for Revamp Moto Mitra and RM25

  • RM25: Rs. 55,000
  • Mitra Selling Price: Rs. 1.06L

What are the co-founders of the Sharks trio waiting for?

Building a brand is what the trio expected from Sharks. Aman Gupta started with a 1 Cr offer at 3% equity. The pitcher counter offered Aman Gupta for Rs. 1 Cr at 2% equity. After Aman’s offer, Ashneer offered Rs. 1.2 Cr at 2.5% equity. Vineeta and Namita Thapar backed off. Aman and Anupam came back and chatted and came back in a partnership at Rs. 1 Cr at 2% equity.

The co-founders entered the salon with a huge order already in their pocket, which was 50,000 units for an order value of Rs. 250 crore.

Coming back, it was a tough fight between the Sharks. Ashneer for getting the transaction counter-offered with Rs. 1 Cr at 1.75% equity. There were strong arguments between Ashneer, Aman and Anupam Mittal. But after an outside discussion between the co-founders, they decided to go with Aman and Anupam.

What a DEAL, congratulations guys!


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